The perfectly designed outdoor eating utensil

Color me excited!

If you know me you know I hate hate hate using disposable plastic cutlery. It’s really hard for me to enjoy dining at the Whole Foods hot food bar knowing it means throwing a plastic fork into the garbage. And yet, I enjoy dining at the Whole Foods hot food bar on an almost daily basis. Quite the pickle!

Well, a few years ago, for reasons I will not go into, I was in an Eddie Bauer store when I stumbled upon a delightful red plastic spork made by a company called Light My Fire.  I was very excited because it was an aesthetically-pleasing spork and just the right size to keep on my person at all times. My Whole Foods hot bar conundrum was solved! For the past few years I have kept that spork in my bag or vehicle and used it again and again and again whenever I eat takeout or salad bar or soup on the go or etc etc. Think of how many plastic forks and spoons are not floating in the ocean right now because spork and I found each other.

The only problem was that sometimes I would accidentally leave spork at home. I would bring my backpack instead of my bag, or drive Mr. Truck instead of Mr. Car, and would find myself sporkless.

Genius that I am, I recently googled “light my fire spork” and lo, they sell them all over the place! Including at my local REI. Given the hours I have spent at REI examining all the outdoor gear I don’t need, it’s amazing that I never stumbled upon the sporks on my own, without the aid of Google.

Anyhow, I just purchased a 4 pack of sporks which means I now have 5 sporks and I am so excited! I shall keep one in my bag, one in my backpack, 2 in Mr. Car, and 1 in Mr. Truck. And if I am ever dining with a friend I will give away one of my sporks (the green one first, I hate green) to do my part in regards to encouraging others to be environmentally friendly.

I  urge you to consider purchasing a spork or 4 of your own.