Roar! Roar! Tinysaur!

Less than two weeks into 2012 and I have already conquered a challenging task! I assembled this tiny Triceratops. It was so fun!


  1. Find brightly-colored table, so pleasing photos can be taken of assembly process.
  2. Spread out materials so project looks important and organized.
  3. Punch out tiny pieces.
  4. Stare at directions for 5 hours.
  5. Moisten eyeballs.
  6. Locate missing rib.
  7. Gently wedge teeny pieces together.
  8. Secure with a dab of glue.
  9. Massage tiny Triceratops so his feet all touch the ground and his ribs are evenly spaced.
  10. Find a place for tiny Triceratops to live.

If there were one of these tiny models for every animal on earth (or uh, in Heaven) I would definitely collect them all and start a tiny menagerie. Sadly, all I have is this guy and a as-yet-to-be-assembled T-Rex. I plan to do the T-Rex soon, but have to find another brightly-colored table or the pictures won’t come out well.