My lips feel positively balmy!

This evening Monika hosted a lip balm making party and it was quite enjoyable. Lip balm seems like a sensible craft to me because everyone has lips and needs a way to moisturize them. It’s a practical sort of project. We melted beeswax, which I just learned is one word, not two, along with some other things I don’t really remember like shea butter and peppermint oil and poured it into 50 little tubes to cool and harden. The biggest challenge we encountered was that the outside of the tubes got all greasy which made it hard to get our custom designed stickers to adhere. My sticker featured a rabbit and a birdy exclaiming “My lips feel positively balmy”. I believe this is a logo I will use again if I ever get into full time, professional lip balm production.

Anyhow, now I have 8 tubes of lip balm at my house so I figure I’m set for a while in that department.