Lake Erie and the Burger King girl

File under things I wish I had known prior to late August 2011: there are really nice beaches on Lake Erie. I drove up to Presque Isle to check out the swimming situation and was totally surprised to find numerous very picturesque, serene beaches, complete with sand and seagulls. Well, I don’t know if the technically qualify as seagulls since it was not technically the sea, but you know what I mean. At any rate, it was lovely.

On the way home I had one of those experiences that I have all the time that no one else seems to have. I stopped at Burger King (my life has gotten so much more exciting since I learned they have veggie burgers) and after I placed my order I had the following conversation with the counter girl:

Her: What do you do for work?

Me: Euh…I do IT stuff.

Her: Do you like it?

Me: Euh…no not really but you know, I am lucky to have a job so I should not complain.

Her: Well what do you want to do, what’s your dream?

Me: Euh…I don’t really have any dreams, I am directionless and a bum.

Her: [Pauses to take order through drive-through headphone thing]

Me: Why do you ask?

Her: You just look like someone who would do something really interesting.

I felt really lame for probably letting her down and not having a good answer to her question. Then I wondered if the universe had put her there to try and give me some sort of message. But what would the message be? Make an effort to find a more interesting line of work? Accept that what you do is interesting? At least to a Burger King employee? Frequent Burger King less?

Also they had really good fountain soda at this particular Burger King location.