the serious, responsible, and sensible stalwarts of society. they are trustworthy and honor their commitments. their word is their solemn vow.

practical and realistic, they are matter-of-fact and thorough. they are painstakingly accurate and methodical, with great powers of concentration. whatever they are doing they accomplish with orderliness and reliability. they have unshakable, well-thought-out ideas and are difficult to distract or discourage once they have embarked on what they believe to be the best course of action.

characteristically quiet and hardworking, they have great practical judgement and memory for details. they can cite accurate evidence to support their views and apply their past experiences to their present decisions. they value and use logic and impersonal analysis, are organized and systematic in their approach to following things through and getting them done on time. they follow necessary systems and procedures and are impatient with those who do not.

they are cautious and traditional. they listen well and like things to be factual and clearly stated. they are said to “say what you mean and mean what you say”. private by nature, they appear calm even during times of crisis. they are duty bound and steadfast but beneath their calm facade they may have strong yet rarely expressed reactions.